A VHS What Now?

Once upon a time there was a golden age, known as the Videorassic period, a time when there was no Netflix, Hulu, and even before the Internet (inconceivable!). If you wanted to check out the latest movie releases you had to physically go to a "Video Store" and borrow, or purchase something called a VHS tape.

Those of us who lived through during this time, we fondly remember browsing the artwork that was part of the plastic clamshell container that contained about 120 mintues of entertainment. The clamshell artwork was basically the physical version of IMDB, it was designed to catch our eye, and be our first experience of the film contained.

When we see the artwork of old, it brings back a flood of memories of watching our favourite movies on the couch, eating popcorn and enjoying each others company (since smart phones weren't invented).

I set out to capture a slice of this time, so I've come up with a creative process to reproduce the VHS tape. From a handsculpted original to being cast in plastic with hand made reels that are cast with a clear resin, to give a life like miniature version of the real thing. The case has also been sculpted and clips together to hold the VHS. I've reproduced the famous artwork to fit this new medium, and of course splattered it with special price and the "Remember to Rewind" stickers that generally covered up the synopsis you were trying to read.

I hope you love my work as much as I love making it. Thankyou all for your support.

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